What is java coding?

The History of Java Let’s first learn more about how Java came to be. Java is a multi-platform programming language created in 1995 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). https://youtu.be/ADDuhhfccsM Before its current name, the coding language was actually first named “OAK,” after an oak tree that stood outside of James Gosling’s office.Read More

Artificial intelligence

SEVEN TYPES OF AI:PROPELLING THE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Mainly AI can be divided into four types, • Reactive machines • Limited memory • Theory of mind • Self-aware AI can also be classified based on Technology into three type • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) Seven types of AI explained 1.Reactive machines Reactive machinesRead More

Soundcore Strike 1 and Soundcore Strike 3 headphones come with removable microphones.

HIGHLIGHTS soundcore Strike 1 and soundcore Strike 3 headphones feature 52mm drivers The ear pads of both the headphones are infused with cooling gel soundcore Strike 1 and soundcore Strike 3 headphones have IPX5 rating Soundcore, the US based Audio Brand by Anker, today announced the release of its newest Gaming Headphones – Strike 1Read More