5G launch in india, Airtel,jio,vi plans

5G launch in India is highly-anticipated as the country waits for the fifth-generation network. To bring faster-than-ever connectivity. Jio, Airtel, and Vi all have been working towards making the network. It can virtually connect everyone and everything together. It is including machines, objects, and devices such as 5G-capable smartphones a reality in the country. Higher multi-Gbps speeds, lower latency, and more reliability compared to the previous-generation mobile networks. some of the benefits of the 5G.

The network also presents use cases against AR/VR, AI, and high-speed broadband, among others to users.

benefits of 5G

  • It is Improves network connectivity
  • Offers multi-Gbps speed
  • Has low latency
  • Is more reliable than current mobile networks
  • Supports a greater number of connected devices such as self-driving cars, gaming, remote surgeries, and other IoT devices

When will 5G launch in India?

The answer to this question is a little tricky. While Jio is slated to launch 5G in India later this year, Airtel believes it may take anywhere between two to three years for the domestic telecom market to mature enough for 5G services. Additionally, the government hasn’t announced the sale of 5G spectrum in India yet. 

Airtel 5G plans


Airtel is 5G-ready, but the company is unlikely to launch the network in India in 2021.The telco conducted India’s first 5G trial with Huawei in Gurgaon back in 2018.

Jio 5G plans


Jio 5G launch is slated for H2 2021.The network will be powered by the indigenously developed hardware and technology components.

Vi 5G plans


Vi plans to launch 5G as soon as the government auctions spectrum.The company has upgraded its 4G network with 5G architecture.

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