What is web applications

Defination Web application

A web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet.

How a web application works in HTML

Web applications are usually coded in browser-supported language such as JavaScript and HTML as these languages rely on the browser to render the program executable.

Some of the applications are dynamic, requiring server-side processing. Others are completely static with no processing required at the server.

The web application requires a web server to manage requests from the client, an application server to perform the tasks requested, and, sometimes, a database to store the information.

Application server technology ranges from ASP.NET, ASP and ColdFusion, to PHP and JSP.

web applications,how they work and http protocol

Here’s what a typical web application flow looks like:

  1. User triggers a request to the web server over the Internet, either through a web browser or the application’s user interface
  2. Web server forwards this request to the appropriate web application server
  3. Web application server performs the requested task – such as querying the database or processing the data – then generates the results of the requested data
  4. Web application server sends results to the web server with the requested information or processed data
  5. Web server responds back to the client with the requested information that then appears on the user’s display

Example of a web application

Web applications include online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video and photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, and email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Popular applications include Google app and Microsoft 365.

Google Apps for Work has Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, online storage and more.

Other functionalities include online sharing of documents and calendars. This lets all team members access the same version of a document simultaneously.

What Can a Web-Based Application Do?

Web-based applications can be a valuable tool for businesses since they are capable of assisting managers with:

  • tracking performance records of individual workers;
  • managing passenger or cargo transportation;
  • monitoring financial processes;
  • working with payroll;
  • controlling workflow of individual staff members and project groups.

All of this can be achieved by writing a single web-based application that will be run on a server.

The app can be written in various programming languages and make use of multiple technologies and frameworks.

A web-based application will run on the client computer’s browser no matter what operating system is installed.

This makes web-based apps one of the most universal cross-platform solutions available today.

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